Black's Beach Bumming

This morning,

Jack dawn patrolled Black's Beach in San Diego. Black's is locally known as the spot where clothes are optional and the surf is more than likely pumping. 

Today was different...

Jack set up shop at 6:30 am, just in time to catch the sunrise over UCSD. As he was setting up, the cool air was gently blowing all of his sugar packets away. Jack didn't mind; he quietly picked up the litter and continued to set up, laying his Tommy Bahama towel from his dear aunt as a makeshift tablecloth. 

After he was set up, full of optimism & Caffeine, he began to see a few local surfers show up. 

"Good Morning! Any interest in some Cold Brew Coffee before your sesh?" He asked gleefully.

"No thank you" Said the first surfer, and the second, and the third and so on. 

Confused, but respecting they were here to surf not dilly dally, Jack vowed to chat them up on their way back to their cars. 

During this, Jack got to talking to Randy. Randy, a local native to SD with long grey hair, wrinkled tan skin, & bell bottom jeans, filled Jack in on why such a popular spot seemed so desolate.

"Ankle biters only out there man" said Randy, describing the unusually small surf at a normally firing spot. "Hurricane swell won't be here till the afternoon"

Jack, happy to have someone to chat with, offered Randy some Cold Brew.

"I've smoked cigs, done drugs, & drink a lot of juice, never got into Coffee"

"Not a problem, thanks for the good vibes!" replied Jack 

Jack caught up with a few surfers on their way back to their car, on the way to their 9 am Jobs. No one bought any Cold Brew, but all of them gave Jack more insight on good & popular times to be there next so he could even more successful the next time. 

Jack didn't sell one glass of Cold Brew, but as he learned from the surfers that day, 

There's always another wave. 

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