We're Live! : CW6 San Diego Features Bold Brew Coffee

CW 6 San Diego

 to be visited by Amy Dupont and Jeremy of CW 6 San Diego to interview us about our company and sample some Bold Brew!

The Bold Brew Team had a great time inviting them to the Bold Brew setup each Friday in East Commons SDSU. 

Here's a link to the artice and video! : http://www.cw6sandiego.com/sdsu-wins-national-award-entrepreneurship-program/ 

Transcript of Story by Amy Dupont: 


The University has helped more than 100 student-created businesses get off the ground

February 17, 2017 10:45 AM 

 Amy DuPont

THE COLLEGE AREA- The faculty at SDSU are being honored for helping student entrepreneurs break into the business world.  The united States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship named the University the national model undergraduate program for 2017.

Since 2008 the University’s Lavin Entrepreneurship Center has helped create more than 100 businesses that have created revenue. A couple of those companies started selling their products on campus. One of the more well known student- created companies is Shake Smart. Another student created Pura Vita; a bracelet company located in La Jolla.

Roughly 2,500 SDSU students are enrolled in some sort of entrepreneurship class. Students can start during their freshman year and continue to take classes through the graduate program. Students can minor in the program, but they don’t have to.

Engineering majors Jake Solomon and Jack Doheny co-founded Bold Brew Coffee. They sell individual cups of coffee as well as growlers and t-shirts every Friday morning in the Aztec Student Union. Their goal is to sell bottled, cold [brew] coffee in local stores.

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